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Do not believe cleaning company employees when they say that death's odors are dangerous; they lie.

"Then, it inevitably became a cash cow for civil servants tasked with death investigation and body removal."

Crime Scene Cleanup Corruption Example

A company in Cypress, has a dominating position on Google's Seal Beach crime scene cleanup page. Not just one web site, but over seven hundred crime scene cleanup web sites dominate Google's pages, all owned by this Cypress company.

A mass murder of eight customers in a hair salone occurs less than seven miles from this Cypress company, my company. The coroner removes the bodies. A coroner's employee directs the building's owner to use a crime scene cleanup company of his, the coroner employee's, choice.

So eight miles from the death scene, the Cypress company never gets a chance to bid on this cleaning job. That's how crime scene cleanup works.

I should note, too, that I use the phrase biohazard cleanup as well as crime scene cleanup; these two terms are nearly synonymous in the blood cleanup business.

Cronyism in Kings County County is not unique or new to crime scene cleanup businesses. It goes on all over our United States. Documenting remain tough because county employees (a tiny fraction of them) know it's wrong, corrupt, cronyism, and fascist. Here's an Orange County example given to me by a mother of an Orange County murder, a murder-suicide cleanup.

Note that the public guardian, Mr. Mull, says that they can probably clean it up in about an hour. Then he goes on to talk about insurance. Insurance? Why insurance when the cleaning fee for one hour should not come anywhere close to meeting a deductible

More though, I too have a crime scene cleanup business for Kings County County and Orange County. In fact, my crime scene cleanup business covers all of California.

I'm on the state list as Biosafe. I'm in Orange County and will work in Kings County when given the opportunity. I have an 888-431-7233 telephone number, but since I'm in the free enterprise blood cleanup business, I can't compete with Kings County employee's corrupt referral system.

Anyway, the list Mr. Mull handed to the suicide victim's mother had California telephone number on it. Two were in Long Beach, farther away than my crime scene cleanup business. I have the Orange County crime scene cleanup business doing business as crime scene cleanup.

Crime Scene Cleanup Price Guarantee

Crime scene cleanup fraud takes place every day of the year. I'm prepared as always for crime scene cleanup. I have a set crime scene cleanup price guaranteed by email. I have a set Kings County County crime scene cleanup work guarantee, indefinite. Now how can any other Kings County County crime scene cleanup company top my guarantee? They cannot.

When it comes to crime scene cleanup, not many crime scene cleanup companies have an owner doing the crime scene cleanup work. Then there's the price. These guys charges thousands of dollars for crime scene cleanup and I charge hundreds..

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Biography in short

68, VN Veteran (airborne infantry), 23 years US Army (3 active, 20 reserve/guard), married 46 years, AA, BA, MS, 10 years classroom teacher (high school English), 15 years biohazard cleanup. Orange County Probation Department 6 years; Orange County Marshal's Department 6 years.

With my experience and education, do you think it likely that I would spend money advertising for crime scene cleanup without an incentive? It's not money because I work too little to profit from writing about crime scene cleanup cronyism. Why then does an educated, 68 year-old man spend time at this when he could be retired, surfing, skateboarding, and more? Right.

I can't rest knowing that our sworn county, civil servants takes advantage of crime victims' families. This includes those families suffering from an unattended death. This includes those Kings County County families suffering from a suicide in their family, of course. I meet families in these situations. I've done so for over 15 years. I know their suffering. I cannot to walk away from the many thousands of crime scene cleanup victims created by local government cronyism.

That's not who my mother and father raised, what my wife married, or what my sisters would expect of me. Honor and a sense of public responsibility must count for something. I would think then, perhaps gaining a sense of purpose, meaning of life helps to motivate my Kings County County crime scene cleanup consumer advocate work.

I've cleaned in 24 states. My travels ended nationwide about 2005. Something happened then. Corrupt city and county employees with first contact with victims' families then monopolized biohazard cleanup business.

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Our Crime History in Short

The horrific nature of many crimes becomes a matter of perception for the public, and we should keep our perspective in touch with our past. Keep in mind that as early as 1782, Franciscan missionaries complained of an infestation of thieves. By the 1850s one of the worst crime waves arose as lawlessness followed barroom fights, banditos, and vigilante attacks on bandits and others, and a transient, lawless population.

Even in those days drug sales were common. Prostitution grew with bootlegging up until the 1920s. So with this bit of history in mind, we can focus our perspectives on our crime as it looks relative to other United States' cities. In 1990, the city was 36th in the nation, much like San Francisco, California and New York.

Because of homicidal street gangs, 1987 became the highest crime period for the city's Central Division of our Los Angeles Police Department. We experienced an average of 499 offenses per 1,000 people. Is it any wonder that our taxes get so high?

Murders occurred at a rate of 6.5 per day for a total of 2,401 murders city wide. On one weekend in August, 1992, 28 homicides were committed. In effect, historically, young mothers bore male babies while incapable of parenting properly for their offspring in an industrial society. As a consequence, these males became "latch key" children without supportive, nurturing males role models. In an effort to obtain attention and social support, boys joined gangs to fulfill their need for validation. In the end, they came to hunt and murder those with similar biographies and similar appearance, down to their tattoos.

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Kings County has its share of murder suicides, but these number remain lower than other major cities. Murder suicide accounts for about 5% or murders nationwide. Usually a domestic disturbance escalates until one resident loses control and murders the other. As a consequence remorse, guilt, fear, and other emotions take over and the perpetrator commits suicide. Most often this murderous diad takes place between husband and wife, but live-in male and females also experience these murders scenarios.

At times the perpetrator may not live in the home, which occurs most often when males are forced from a females residence and life. Court restraining orders may be in place, police departments may cruise the females home to provide extra protection, but when a male decides to murder his spouse or girlfriend, there's not much to stop his rage, plans, and mobility. Moving to an undisclosed location ensures some degrees of safety, but when children are involved this becomes a problem in itself.

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Abusive Partners

Sadly, there are no "safe" periods of time when it comes to domestic murder-suicides. The perpetrator may respond with homicide within hours, days, weeks, months, and even years. At no time can a female trust to the goodwill of a murderous ex-husband. This applies to abusive husbands, especially. Those who exhibited a violent tendency in the past will continue to do so in the fu true. This is why it is so important for young women to understand that should not, must not remain with an abusive boy friend. Even those boy friends who claim that their "one time" loss of control is the end remain ignorant.

Abusers remain in the dark when it comes to understanding their behavior. We cannot them to predict their future anymore than we can predict our own. Those of us with a sound family structure, drug free, alcohol free, reduced stress employment expect stable behavior. Especially when our past patterns of behavior show that we get along with others consistently, we expect a peaceful future.

Kings County County Life-Styles

Those without a sound Kings County County life-style live in the dark, cannot predict their next immature behavior. As a group, their future holds more abusive behavior and homicide at its lowest end. I see their behavior in certain neighborhoods acted out in public.

What I wrote above does not mean that homeless males or working-class males remain alone in abusive behavior toward women. We associate these males with low incomes and poor educations. In fact, these sociological variables do increase the likelihood as indicators of abusive behavior. They do not alter that fact that very well educated and high-income males remain immune from abusive behavior.

The so-called "social-economic elite" of our society and others also become abusive. For this "demographic group," rich, educated, and probably influential in some circles, abusive behavior become less easily explained. These men and boys have more likely experienced exposure to theories of human behavior, like behaviorist psychology.

Such psychological theories tell us that causing pain and anxiety in any mammal in its early life leads to a "wild" critter in later years. These men know of this idea or at least hear explanations, theories, similar to it.

They've read novels over the years, sat at family dinners hearing stories while learning the social etiquette expected of all of us in our behavior. In shore, this group of abusive males grows up in a privileged social environment. Not so the working-class and "lumpen-proletariat."

Explaining these violent murders usually takes more than one theory to get to the heart of the matter, if at all. Usually emotions become patterns and lead to patterns of behavior when they service a purpose successfully. In child rearing, for example, a child prone to having tantrums for the sake of manipulating parents learns to continue these outburst for immediate gratification in its future. Without realizing, such children carry these tantrum behaviors into their adult years.

They may not display these emotions or behaviors in public places for fear of police interventions, what we call 5150. We find 5150 becomes an easy explanation for suicide during suicide cleanup.

Calls for domestic violence are known by Kings County County Sheriffs as their most dangerous calls; for after murdering their spouses, these males become suicidal, and "suicide by cop" fits their desires just dandy. In fact, in gang families such outcomes bring a sense of glory and honor to these derange gang members.

We can look at their lives as distorted and point to potential external causes of their barbaric behavior (and barbaric it is). This does not change the fear and anxiety they create in their one-time spouse and any children involved in their shame of a marriage relationship. In the end children become deeply wounded emotional victims of these murder suicides.

Explaining to these children that their mother erred by marrying a man prone to act out infantile tantrums projected against their mother does little good. Our police officers nationwide deal with these issues daily. They need our support.

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As time passes what once passed as tantrums subtly emerges as acting out behavior in more trained and controlled behavior. It's intention remains the same, immediate gratification. Sometimes we recognize this behavior most easily in juvenile halls and other detention facilities for juveniles held for months at a time. Unprovoked assaultive behavior becomes a pattern of behavior for some of these juveniles. Later they curve their tendency to violent outrage while in the midst of peers and others involved in unplanned social control.

Social control among couples seems to work its best during the first hours, days, and weeks of a cohabitant's relationship. Before long the male's emotional patterns of behavior begin to emerge. His one-time infantile rage, anxiety, and violence now emerges with an external target, his spouse or girlfriend. Fearing loss of this relationship our male perpetrator swears to fidelity, peace, and love for all future times. Before much time elapses the same, brutal outbursts occur. In the end women become punching bags for such out of control males. Again, worse case scenarios lead to murder-suicides.

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I write about how crime scene cleanup works for my company, biosafe, and and victims' families cheated by government employees. Although a tiny fraction of our nation's civil servants, these city and county (mostly county) employees routinely, daily steal from grieving families. Cther companies across our United States set their sites on how much they can steal by outrageous invoice charges.

I also write about what I do when cleaning after a homicide, suicide, unattended death, decomposition, traumatic blood loss, and more.

As used here, how crime scene cleanup works encompasses history, social affairs, science, religion, and art. I must cover these areas to show readers how crime scene cleanup involves human history and humanity's ingenious ideas and sordid devices. Many machinations against one another and other species play a big part in our history. I shall repeat this idea several more times below.

.In fact, at this moment, we face extinction for criminal activities conducted in our name by modern governments. Because we refuse to order transparency in government at most levels, we now face consequences from local to federal levels from criminal conduct of such magnitude no amount of biohazard cleanup will save us.

My Alabama delves into the workings of bloodborne pathogens and their ability to shape-shift, adapt to threats. It's the brilliant work of a number of scientifically inclined men and women who make our defenses against these growing threats possible. Their scientific research saves many lives every day.

It's in our history that we find how we reached a place where "knowing" means actually knowing by means of scientific investigation. By covering this biological material we get a deeper understanding of how biohazard cleanup works the way it does, other than by county government fraud.

Genetic mutation within bloodborne pathogens threatens humanity in unforeseen ways. Ebola, for one. We need to understand more about life and its mysteries.

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It began with federal legislation to halt the spread of bloodborne pathogens among medical workers. Then, it inevitably became a cash cow for civil servants tasked with death investigation and body removal. Their first contact with families gave them an opportunity to create a monopoly in and over biohazard cleanup businesses. Government corruption then became how biohazard cleanup works. (return)

Too much money bilked from insurance companies came easily, and still does. Most insurance adjusters were and are ignorant of what bloodborne pathogens mean. So we all pay for ignorance in biohazard cleanup and homeowners' insurance corporations. A hint of insurance adjuster corruption has arose from time to time, but my contacts have dwindled mightily.

To sum up on this point, honest biohazard cleanup companies cannot exist in a business dominated by county governments.

My insurance adjuster information comes first-hand, from adjusters. They call me from time-to-time for a reality check. They know well enough that a business with employees has a larger overhead than a biohazard cleanup owner-practitioner. So they usually have a heads up on what a company needs just to keep its doors open.

For honest adjusters, probably most of them, it's all too new to them. They bring their experience with water damage and fire damage to biohazard cleanup, thinking demolition must follow this type of cleaning.

Corrupt blood cleanup companies make ridiculous claims on their invoices. Adjusters don't understand that blood offers little more danger to biohazard cleanup practitioners than it does to morticians and coroner pathologists in their labs.

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Insurance Welfare for City and County Employees

Without vast amounts of money paid to biohazard cleanup companies by insurance companies, some government employees would not find cronyism worth while. it worth their while to continue with kickbacks and biohazard cleanup company ownership. Of course, some will continue no matter how much the payback.

It's a dirty, stinky business for sure, and up against insider corruption, it smells even more. But in no way do the enormous fees charged by government related biohazard cleanup companies make any real sense. We lose over 200 medical workers a year to needle stick; we lose zero biohazard cleanup workers to bloodborne pathogens, at least those bloodborne pathogens from working in blood contaminated death scenes.

More carpet cleaners die on the road then all biohazard cleanup technicians for all time since the origins of the congressional legislation. But for the stink, ick, blood, and other gore, biohazard cleanup is a janitorial task. How much do we pay janitors? They too must work with and around blood, especially those in high school gyms and restrooms. Top

I want to move on to Lysenko and the role of fandamentalist ideology in shackeling science. We need to see how Marxist ideological fundamentalism destroyed Russian biological research, science, and agriculture. We need to understand that fundamentalism of any shape, form, or color stiffles human ingenuity and caring for our planet. I note ISIS, the Taliban, and September 11, 2002 in New York City as crime scene cleanup related examples.

Death and injury followed as the clean up of the Twin Towers' took place. Airborne debris contaminated fire fighters and construction workers' lungs.

Let us not forget how the good Christian slave owners used their religious dogma to justify slavery. Blacks became less than human because of biblical verse twested to suite slavery.

Now, there's a convoluted history involving genetics, nature versus nurture. For our purposes, nature creates biohazards from genetic material handed down for eons. So we need to look at this process of evolving risks to public hygiene. We need to realize how local government corruption in biohazard cleanup threatens public health.

By thwarting free enterprise in our biohazard cleanup industry, we fall prey to germs in much the same way Lysenkoism destroyed Russian biology: ignorance, hubris, and dogma. The affects from government controlled crime scene cleanup leads to to a slippery sloap. Dire consequences may follow. I will discuss this issue below under plagues.

As a consequence of our least worthy city and county employees, fewer biohazard cleanup trainers to train trainers will emerge as they might. With over 30 new germs coming online (so to speak), do we really want to give these government dingalings a monopoly over death cleanup, your wallet, your democracy?

Only through an open, robust, free enterprise system in crime scene cleanup can we expect a trained and prepared body of biohazard practitioners to deal with tomorrow's terrorist threats and nature's adapting biohazards. We will not get there by allowing county employees to monopolize our best public training ground for biohazard cleanup.

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Alabama Insurance Adjusters

Some biohazard cleanup companies mislead people into believing that blood and death's odors have germs, biohazards, in them. Insurance adjusters may fall under this mystification as new-comers to biohazard cleanup insurance adjusting. Calls from these adjusters in my early years in business informed me of their ignorance. These calls stoped as they finally passed the word around. They use email too.

Insurance adjusters became savvy to the corruption in crime scene cleanup. Among a small manority, I'm sure, some became cronies with crime scene cleanup companies. Others started their own crime scene cleanup companies.

I experienced a competing insurance adjuster when called to clean after an unattended death in Los Angeles City. The responsible party for an apartment owner called me directly, accepted my quote, and gave me the job in writing. My work would begin the next day on a month long decomposition at the top of a stair case.

That night the adjuster called me and told me that "You cannot do this cleanup because I have my own crew." Very early the next day I arrived on the scene and did the decomposition cleanup from the unattended death.

I had a heads up to insurance adjuster cronyism from two other companies friendly to my own, one in Florida and one in Texas. The Florida company at that time remained outside of the government cronyism web.

The owner advised me that their blood cleanup company drove hundreds of miles toward Miami when an insurance adjusted called. He called her off the job and claimed that the homeowner's insurance would pay only his biohazard cleanup company. His bluff worked.

A Texas collague noted that another Texas company's owner related directly to a homeowners insurance adjuster. In this case the company owner and one insurance company adjuster in particular worked hand-in-hand. The insurance adjuster became a homeowners insurance adjuster specifically to funnel crime scene cleanup, fire cleanup, and other work to the subject comapany.

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How Crime Scene Cleanup Really Works

Briefly, this is how:

Primarily, how crime scene cleanup works depends on which county biohazard cleanup occurs. It now appears, most generally, that county employees and other civil servants have seized control over those in need of biohazard cleanup services, in general. This occurs when families of death's victims come into contact with county employees. These employees send unwitting families to corrupt biohazard cleanup companies. In return, these crony county employees receive money for their criminal conduct.

But here my interest in how biohazard cleanup works goes beyond biohazard cleanup as a death cleanup service.

I use the phrase crime scene cleanup to include cleaning up after white-collar crime, political crimes, war crimes, and most of all, environmental crimes against future generations who have no voice in what we do to their planet; hence, a brief historical background in genetics and today's ideological struggles over the direction of science, especially in biology and genetics, follows. (return)

"It looks like Stalin's evil doing spread from mass murder to ideological control over genetic research and science." Eddie Evans

If readers here detect an ideological bias, which exists in strong degrees of bias, they will find it in my writing a commitment to ecology. Likewise, readers will wonder what I'm doing with all of this science stuff and history. Readers will remember that biohazard cleanup covers suicide, causes of suicide, homicide, causes of suicide, and basically psychological, sociological, anthropological, and philosophical issues.

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Alabama Crime Scene Cleanup Articles

Crime scene cleanup articles appear from time to time in various Internet venues. Free-floating articles found on web sites like this biohazard cleanup web page, on How Things Works pages, and a large host of article directories. Generally written with technical proficiency, authors of these Alabama articles share a common bond to an objective voice. They seem to stand back and narrate their observations.

The article "Six-figure jobs: Crime-scene cleaner" mystifies many callers to my business telephone. A well presented article, this one article catches many of its readers with their minds on cruise-control. Little do they think about who this six-figure job benefits.

It benefits local government employees, not the regular guy like this writer, a carpet cleaner, among other things. So if you're a carpet cleaner, don't run out and spend a lot of money learning how biohazard cleanup works. It won't work for you, I know that. You need someone inside the coroner, medical examiner, or county administration.

You're not going to know anyone in one of these plumb crony positions because of nepotism. This means those in control of these death administration departments hire family and friends to do their biohazard cleanup fraud work. It's all in the family these days, not unlike medieval times. There's nothing new under the Sun in social affairs.

A look at How Stuff Works shows "How Crime-scene Clean-up Works" in terms of a crime scene cleaners ability to withstand strong odors and horrific sights. A detachment from emotional reactions to individuals mutilated by family members or strangers becomes important.

The article's author believes that "CTS" stands for crime and trauma scene decontamination and as such. This designation, CTS, has wide usage: CTS-Decon. It doesn't. He also believes that no national standard exists, but notes "OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standards" receive crime scene cleaners' attention and directions.

Most often a civil servant makes contact with a homicide or suicide or unattended death victim's family. As my experience and that of others has shown, most often civil servants abuse this privileged contact for private gain. They send these families to their friend or family's business, their own business, or another crime scene cleanup business for kickbacks.

As a result, honest crime scene cleanup companies continue to go out of business. Those that remain, like Biosafe (my crime scene cleanup company) must travel many miles to provide their services.

In Orange County, California, this means no one will successfully start a crime scene cleanup company without contacts in their county government.

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What Crime Scene Cleanup really means.

Crime scene cleanup as a phrase really means an activity focused on blood and other potentially infectious waste material cleanup. A janitorial function, crime scene cleanup entails general janitorial activities, plus specifically designed tools and practices for safe cleanup and decontamination of crime scenes. As understood, crime scene cleanup is a biohazard cleanup activity.

If we were to look for crime scene cleanup in religion, I suppose we would go first to the first homicide, that of Cain's murder of Able. Today we would find crime scene cleanup as an activity occurring in Moslem prayer rooms throughout Baghdad, capital to civilization's first primary source of social control over surplus value.

If were to look for crime scene cleanup in social affairs, we would find it worldwide, but indirectly referred to as "collateral damage" and its remediation. Wars produce many victims and will continue to do so as "collateral damage," rather than as objects of political crimes. It's a power question over who gets to define these terms, criminal and collateral damage.

How crime scene cleanup works in science has yet to fully play out in Russia. It looks like Stalin's evil doing spread from mass murder to ideological control over genetic research and science.

Plus, many crimes against humanity occurred over the course of 10,000 years; although no crimes were actually possible as we understand written prohibitions, in today's world what did occur amounted to mass homicides, genocide, and more. The cleanup following these horrific events went unnoticed, undocumented. We can only surmise the course of history's march to racism and crimes justified by slavery, evolution, and God.

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A History of Genetics

With all the talk about genetics in the field of criminology, what's its background?

Anaxamander - Aristotle - Erasmus Darwin - How Evolution doesn't Work Lamarackism and How Evolution doesn't Work


What follows seems way off the mark for most of what occures in Alabama. It actually has much to do with social and cultural growth of dangerous ideas. What we call "Darwinism" played some role in Hitler's Germany. It play some role in American Sociology, jurisprudence, and the rise of our very own Taliban-like populations.

In this introduction to Alabama crime scene cleanup, I briefly introduce readers to my ideas about Charles Darwin, Francis Galton, Alfred North Wallace, Thomas Malthus, Gregor Mendale, and Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. I do not expect to change anyone's mind about any of these historical characters.

I wish only to articulate a much broader understanding of Alabama crime scene cleanup than found elsewhere on the Internet. Unlike other writers on this subject, I hope to broaden How Crime Scene Cleanup works to include many dimensions at many times in human history.

I will remain true to the overall rubric of crime scene cleanup as found in this web site's domain name. I hope, though, to convince readers that at least some of what I write shows Los Angeles Crime Scene Cleanup applies to art, religion, social affairs, science, and philosophy; not just janitorial practices applied to blood cleanup.

So now I begin with a look at biology's recent history and how it influenced our world for good and bad.

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Anaximander's Grand Theory - How Evolution Works

As early as 550 B.C., Anaximander of Miletus believed that Earth's life oozed from the seas to land. He claimed that humans and other vertebrates started as fish. At this time people questioned everything from stars to sea creatures. Understanding the Earths components and how it came to exist as it does remained a pressing question un till now.

Anaximander's theory arose more from intuition than a painstaking observation and categorization of life's forms. His followers would follow a similar hunch as long as cultural and ideological did not prevent critical thinking. As history moved forward, it came to pass that monotheism and other theological developments would create their own stories for life on Earth.

These would interweave with theories of evolution over more than two thousand years, culminating in Charles Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection, or preservation of the more fit members of Earth's species.

If readers wonder, again, what any of this has to do with how crime scene cleanup works, we're looking to biological history for bloodborne pathogens' own dev elopement for the eons.

As theories of evolution came and went, some seemingly out of fantastic universes, one idea remain constant: Many species of plant and animals must have come into existence and later perished.

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Aristotle could not buy into this idea of evolving plants and animals. He believed that all species were static. Like most of his important thinking and writing, he proposed a logical explanation for life's origins, which began as a hierarchy. A species' degree of perfection (sounds like Plato), like humans, on top. Simple to complex, low to high, a Great Chain of Being existed for Aristotle's explanation of Earth's occupants. So familiar and exacting hierarchical thinking became, Aristotle's ideas were not question until the Enlightenment.

During the end of our 17th century, physics, chemistry, astronomy, and biology all underwent closer examination and criticism. As a result scientific thinking groped toward a finer distillation of life and its constituents.

Lingering discussions for God's part in creation continued. John Ray (1627-1705) argued that God conserved creation in all of its fine arrangements. While explaining the existence of fossil species atop mountains, Ray speculated that these mountains rose from the seas, trapping the fossils. Ray, like others, had yet to understand Earth's great age or plate tectonics. Earth remained less than 6000 years old or so according to the Bishop Berkeley.

We know now that if religious and theological explanation were to hold fast, we would leave that Noah's Ark save the life of that famous virus known as Ebola. And indeed, Noah played a major role in causing its survival and immigration into what became known as Africa. So indeed, when we go about cleaning up Ebola to stop the plague in the United States, we are in fact doing a biblical biohazard cleanup job.

Ray's approach to classifying plants and animals lead to much better results than the typical biblical explanation. Rather than using an alphabetical order, he classified species by their anatomy and physiology.

This approach found great use when Swedish naturalist Carl von Linne began classifying all life on Earth in search of patterns. He used kingdoms, classes, orders, genera, and species. These "archetypes" were believed to reflect God's omnipotence, and happened to resemble Aristotle's hierarchy arranged a bit differently.

Hybridization within species explained so many differences within any one species. Different types of dogs, cats, and pigeons were certain candidates for change by hybridization.

Humanity now entered life's categorizing as a biological being in Linne system.

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Erasmus Darwin - How Evolution doesn't Work

Charles Darwin's grandfather, Erasmus Darwin, took his best shot at explaining evolution and missed natural selection as the engine of species change. He was too early in cultural and scientific terms. Culturally, Victorian England continued with its midlevel explanations for earth's many and varied species, "The mystery of mysteries."

The English were interested to know their world, just like us. They used all their tools from science and philosophy, but the church's ideological influences, like today, carried too much weight when it came to critical thinking. So Erasmus dealt with evolution inside a cultural milieu which framed his reasoning.

Later, as geology and biology became better known and better researched, emerging ideas would lead to those keys that gave Erasmus Darwin's grandson, Charles, the insights he needed. Probably Malthus' population work and Lyle's geology work added greatly to Charles' insights. These works were not available for Erasmus or his generation of evolutionary thinkers.

But I must not give Charles Darwin all of the credit; Alfred North Wallace also came up with natural selection to explain evolution by natural selection. The two came up with natural selection as an explanation for life's changes at about the same time, but in two different places on earth. Had Erasmus had similar information and opportunities, he too may have found the answer to the mystery of mysteries.

We must remember too, that in the early days of natural selection's theoretical development in biology, little history existed for studying this very idea. Ernst Mayr would note, "Most scientific problems are far better understood by studying their history than their logic."

This idea becomes as true today as ever. Because humans think rationally (at times), we impose our inductive and deductive logic on nature, and nature does not correspond to human logic. So it's no wonder so many generations of humanity found awe and reverence in nature and near total mystery.

Lamarackism and How Evolution doesn't Work

Lamarack, like Erasmus, took his best shot and missed at explaining evolution for some of the same reasons Erasmus missed out. Although he did not have a Victorian mind set as found in Britain, he did have a strong bias.

Lamarack developed a theory of heredity. This heredity theory is called an "acquired characteristics" theory of inheritance. The reason for this arose because he said parents' pass on their characteristics from use.

So if a steel worker developed big arms from lifting all day, his offspring would inherit big arms. Likewise with a surfer. Since some white surfers spend a great number of hours in the Sun, they should pass on their Sun-darkened skin to their offspring.

Scientific Research

This inheritance theory enjoyed a great deal of popularity; not for its scientific rigor, but because so many people were unable to explain how evolution by natural selection could develop without inheritance of favorable traits, internally and externally. Even Darwin began to look at this paint-pot theory to help explain how a species adapted to the struggle for existence.

Last, as this paint-pot theory goes, a blending process of characteristics occurs; hence, the racist terms "quarter breed," "octoroon," and "half-breed." Mandel would disprove all of this bunk quite thoroughly, but not before this theory gained ascendancy and ideological justification for bigotry, slavery, and mass murder. (return)

I follow similar themes related to slavery, racism, and genocide on state pages.







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